Monday, April 3, 2017

March-April 2017

Wow! March was certainly a month that will not be forgotten soon.  I think we have had almost 5 full weeks of someone being sick.  It all started with Curtis, then me, then Sally with several things, then Ava, and now Miss Evelyn.  I keep wondering when and if it will ever end.  We are totally looking forward to an end here hopefully soon, but if not, God is still there.

One thing I have learned through all this is how He does provide you with what you need to get through any and all circumstances.  I have had mostly positive thinking through all this.  He has kept me grounded and thankful.  There have been some days that were more difficult than others because being isolated is not my favorite.  He did provide some moments for me to get out here and there and I am truly thankful for that.

In this house, with the kids so small and touching everything and everyone and not understanding boundaries, it is only a matter of time until the sick one passes it on to the next and so on.  I am hoping and praying for God to put a shield around me so I don't get the sickness the girls have had because I  think it would take me out for a day or two and I need to be rested and well to take care of the girls.  Anyway, so far I have been protected.  Hand washing has become my best friend and my worst enemy.  It has kept me well, but my hands are so dry right now.

In other news, the girls and I used our time at home wisely diving into preschool.  We did many things this month,  We did some activities that were dealing with Dr. Seuss.

We started learning about the letter K and snakes because Ava had snakes on the brain.  We made snakes and decorated them, painted them, and did one with a pattern (except Sally.  I just let her decorate all her snakes.) We also put a snake in number order starting at one and ending at 10.
Ava did an AB pattern with flowers and hearts.
Sally had fun decorating with foam stickers.

Number order snake
We love Letter of the Week from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  We did the kite activity.  Ava had to put the number of kite bows on the string that matched the number on the kite.  We also did the Big and Little Kk kite sort.  

Ava also used the Letter of the Week from Confessions of a Homeschooler to graph.  She had to count the number of bows on the kite and color in that many blocks.  

Here they used the Letter of the week from Confessions of a Homeschooler to dot paint the letter K and trace the letter K.  They trace the letter at the beginning of each day.  I usually get Sally on board with anything involving dot paints, stickers, glitter, glue and scissors.  So, she loves the dot paints.  

We do Calendar and Circle time each day.  We sing the Days of the Week song, Months of the year song, a couple others.  We go over our shapes and numbers.  We also are beginning to learn about coins.  We are currently working on recognizing them and knowing their worth.  Soon, we will begin counting pennies.  We also learn a Bible verse during this time, read a Bible story and read a few others stories.  We always read a book for fun and one that is about whatever we are learning about.  So this week, it was snakes.  

Ava is learning scissors skills which are a lot harder to teach than I realized.  My students always came to me knowing how to do this.  I give the Preschool and Kindergarten teachers praise for teaching this to the kids.  It is not an easy motor skill for them to grasp (at least not overnight).  

Ava is working on some sight words.  This is her least favorite thing to do at school.  I am currently working on some ideas to make this more fun and interesting for her.  
 I found this pattern sheet from  Ava loves to work on patterns and is starting to get the hang of it.

Some of their work from Dr. Seuss and St. Patricks Day. 
Hung our snakes on the wall. 

Ava traced her hand all by herself and added
rings to each finger.  

Some of their snakes they decorated.  

Next week we will begin working on the letter L and doing some spring and Easter activities.

Hoping we are on the other side of all the sickness soon!


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