Friday, August 19, 2016

19 things

19 things I am thankful for.  Every once in awhile I like to randomly choose a day where I take that day's date and think of that many things to be thankful for.  

 1) Tutu's and my precious little girls who LOVE to wear them.  I love to watch them dance and twirl in these pretty little pieces of taffeta.  And I think it is so funny that, if Sally Jean could have her way, this would be her outfit of choice every day.

 2)  Sally loves her sister and wants to do everything Ava does.  I love this blossoming relationship.
 3) Curtis who braved the grocery store with 2 toddlers and an infant so I wouldn't have to.
 4) The patience this one has had when it comes to wearing her patch.  And the support, love and encouragement from others when they see her wearing it.  Also, the doctors that are helping us get her eye sight healthy.
 5) Relaxing on the couch and watching movies.  Sometimes, there needs to be very low-key, low expectation days.
6) The beauty of God's creation and the simplicity of the Butterfly Bush.  No green thumb over here, so being able to have a bush in front of my front window that attracts these creatures and many other beauties is wonderful!  

 7) Fancy dresses, because what little girl doesn't want to look fancy every now and then?
 8)That nose!
 9) Ava has started liking swimming lessons again.  There was a time that she was fearful.  I think the change of other fearful classmates has helped her.
 10)  Thursday chats with this dear friend.  Sad she is having to go back to work soon.  :(
 11) Taking chances, growing, and fresh new starts!
 12) This healthy and happy baby girl!
 13) This sweet one and her compassionate heart.
 14) A baby who loves to eat and being able to finally make my own baby food.  To realizing it is not very hard and it is really enjoyable.
 15) Eating healthier food on a daily basis, but also being able to enjoy a sweet and salty treat at the end of the day.
 16) Being able to help  my girls learn and seeing their enthusiasm and growth.

 17)  Evie being such a content baby!
18) For a husband who encourages me.
19)  There is no picture for this one, but I am thankful for the work God has done in me this week with my anger and the way I display that on a daily basis to my children.  He has even me confidence that I can handle my anger positively and that it doesn't have to be a reflection on my character.  He has given me more joy this week and has enabled me to look at things from a more positive perspective.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Evie is 6 months

You are half a year old?  It seems wrong to say that.  Your first 6 months have been a whirlwind.  A wonderful whirlwind.  You had your 6 month well visit and it went well (minus the shots).  Your doctor was very impressed with how healthy you are and how advanced at things you are.  Although, it isn't surprising to me.  You have to big, very active sisters who you long to join.  You just can't join them fast enough.  You love to watch them.  And you watch them intensely.  You are always on the move (in your little 6 month way).  You are always kicking, trying to do sit-ups to get yourself up from a laying down position.  You jibber jabber all the time.  You bounce like Tigger in your bouncy chair.  You turn over constantly and use that as your way of getting around.  You grab everything in your reach and strain yourself to get what isn't in your reach.  You put everything you can get in your hands straight into your mouth.  You are beginning to sit up on your own, but still need me near to catch you if you fall forward or backward.  You love peek-a-boo, songs, colorful tv shows like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Care Bears, and My Little Pony.  You LOVE to eat food, not so much your bottles.  You love the sweet potatoes, the avocados, and pears mixed with some rice cereal.  You drink about 28 ounces of formula per day.  Drinking bottles seem to bore you.  You sleep wonderfully at night, but naps can be a hit or miss.  You don't want to miss anything.  You love to be held.  You love smiling faces and smiling back at them.  You weigh 16 lbs. and 10 ounces.  You are wearing 6-9 month clothing and you wear size 3 diapers.  I love you so much.  You are wonderful, easy, content baby.  You have brought me so much joy and since having you, my life feels full and complete.  I love watching you grow, although it does bring tears to my eyes.  I love you so much.  We all do.  Love to see what God continues to do with you and how He changes my perspective because of you.  
You with your Mimi

You with Charlise for our weekly Thursday visits :)

Sleeping on mommy which doesn't happen often or nearly enough :(

these pictures are of my mom who I think you resemble.  Wish they weren't sideways.  

6 month well visit 

Love your sweet, little body

Love that cute little nose and sweet beautiful eyes


First Pool Day (and so far only)

I use to LOVE going to the pool, but now, when I should doubly love it, I found myself avoiding it ALL costs.  With three kids, and the oldest being only three years old, going to the pool has not been a very easy or enjoyable task.  Ava loves the water and now that she is BEGINNER swim lessons, she thinks she is a professional swimmer so she has to be watched like a hawk.  Sally, the defiant one and the I-want-to-do-the-opposite-of-what-you-want-me-to-do one didn't want to be anywhere near the water.  Of course, right?  And, Evelyn was so little, I didn't want her out in the sun too much.  So, it is hard to say if she would have like the water or not.  She was also very tired.  I was exhausted and the worst part of this...I wasn't even by myself.  I had my sister, her 2 kids and my other 2 nieces.  What the heck?
Ava had fun playing in the water with her cousins, her friends, and by herself.  Sometimes she can be such a loner.  Sally preferred to spend her time needing to either be held or snacking the whole entire time and the other half of the time she fussed.  Evie ended up sleeping and sitting with my sister.   I wish I could say I was supermom and got them to the pool a few times per week, but we haven't been back since.  Hopefully, next summer things will be a little less complicated and a lot more enjoyable.

Love those curls!