Friday, April 18, 2014

Sally Jean is 2 Months!!!

Sally Jean Alford
2 Months Old

Dear Sally,
I cannot believe how fast you are growing.  I remember your sister's infancy flew by, but yours is going by even faster.  It makes me so sad.  You use to fit right in the groove of the boppy seat.  Now you lay in it and your head is at the top and feet are at the bottom.  You are starting to outgrow your newborn clothes, but I am putting you in those and trying to soak up as much of that as I can for as long as I can.  I don't want you to get big, but I know that it is just part of life and you have to. 
You are such a sweet baby.  You coo at me a lot and already seem to have a lot to say, just like your big sister.  What is not like your big sister is your intolerance for pain and hunger.  It is funny that we are already noticing how different you are from your sister even while you are still so little. 
You are eating every 4-5 hours (for the most part).  At the beginning of your 2nd month, you were eating about 4 ounces per bottle, but sometimes you would only finish 2 ounces and then you were fast asleep. Now, at the end of your 2nd month, you are pretty much finishing up every bottle you are given.  You are getting better at going to the bathroom since the doctor recommended we change your formula.  However, since the change of formula, you have become more of a spit up baby, but I would rather that than you having problems going poo poo. 
You are noticing things in front of you and following those with your eyes horizontally.  You are smiling a lot!  You give mommy lots of smiles and its the cutest thing!  Sometimes, just hearing my voice will put a grin on your face.  You also like to search for my voice and turn your head to wherever I am.  I have noticed that there are times when you stop fussing as long as you can see me. 

 You are not enjoying tummy time at all.  You use to love sleeping on your belly, but it seems like, lately, you have a harder time getting comfortable on your belly.   You are also very content when someone is holding you.  You do well in your carseat, stroller rides, and in the Ergobaby carrier. 
As far as sleeping during the change!  You are sleeping in your crib, swaddled, with or without your pacifier, for about 5 hour stretches.  You usually get up once in the middle of the night, anywhere between 1-3 (depending on when we feed you your bedtime bottle) and then again around 5 or 6 am.  I can TOTALLY handle that!  You are also taking 3-4 hour naps in your crib, by yourself and mommy can get work done.  I was actually able to get both you and your sister on the same schedule this week and WHAT A DIFFERENCE THAT HAS MADE! You seem much more comfortable and content, and we are much more rested.  Mommy and daddy enjoy feeding you in your room much better.  It seems like a much more bonding experience, instead of in our room,  on the floor while watching TV.  In your room the thunderstorm sound machine is playing in the background and it is darker and quiet.  It's much more peaceful and just seems to be a better situation all around, for everyone. 
You are getting better at baths and I have noticed that you sleep better when you have been given a bath.  You are not a fan of getting your face washed or getting your eyes covered when I am rinsing off your hair. 
You have a much louder and much more demanding cry than Ava.  I think it could wake the whole neighborhood up.  You are also short on the patience.  When you want it, you want it NOW!
You are starting to enjoy sitting in your swing.  I can't let you in it often, only when Ava is sleeping or she tries to sit with you on it.  The only thing is that it isn't big enough and it results in her sitting on you instead. 
You are smiling a lot!  You give mommy lots of smiles and its the cutest thing!  Sometimes, just hearing my voice will put a grin on your face.  You also like to search for my voice and turn your head to wherever I am.  I have noticed that there are times when you stop fussing as long as you can see me. 

 You have a big sister who LOVES you!  She wants to hug you and kiss you.  She loves to hold you while being very closely monitored.  She has to be touching your foot, hand or have her arms around you at all times!

We just love you so much.  You have such a tender little spirit. You are such a sweet, precious, cuddly cutie.   I am excited to see what God has in store for you. I know it is going to be something grand!  I pray that our heavenly Father writes His name all over your heart! 
Love, Mommy and Daddy
Trying on my Easter dress to make sure it fits!

Just cuddling with mommy!

I am so cute! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

God is good

Our newest little addition to the family is adorable, sweet, cuddly, loving and extremely high maintenance and needy!  We love her dearly, but for goodness sakes, we need her to let us sleep. 

For the last 8 weeks, we have been sleeping on my memory foam mattress pad on the floor and Sally has been sleeping next to us on the floor in her boppy seat.  For the most part, she has been waking up every 3-4 hours like clockwork.  It has been extremely exhausting and we quickly realized that Miss Ava completely spoiled us.  She was sleeping through the night at 5 weeks.  Sally is on week 8 and still not sleeping through the night. 

I was reading another blog that I follow and her story with her 9 month old.  He has never slept several hours in a row in his ENTIRE 9 months.  Oh my!  I cannot even imagine.  That sounds horrible!  I decided that I did not want that to be us.  This poor, exhausted mama decided to take this request, this need to God.  I said, "God, I know that you have been able to do much bigger things than this request, so surely You can handle this.  But, Lord, I need You to help this little miss sleep.  You know her, inside and out.  You created her.  Surely You know how You can get her to sleep. I am trusting in You tonight to do this."

I bet you already know what happened...She slept in her crib and got up once for a 2:30 am feeding.  It was wonderful to be able to lay her down in her crib and see her actually sleep.  After her 2:30 am feeding, she cuddled with me for a while in her chair and fell asleep.  But as soon as I put her in the crib, she woke up.  However, God, working in all His goodness again, helped her soothe herself to sleep. 

God is a good God.  He cares about our concerns and needs.  He wants us to come to Him for even the littlest of things.  I love how He reminds me of His goodness ALL THE TIME.  I am one lucky and blessed daughter of the King.
Photo: This little girl slept in her crib all might and only needed one middle of the night feeding!!!