Wednesday, March 25, 2015

25 random things

I am having a rough day so I thought it was necessary to do this little exercise.  Since it is March 25, I am going to list 25 random things.  I am hoping it will bring to mind all the things I have to be thankful for. 

1.  Library!  I am thankful for having a library where we can go and get out of the house for a little while and have some fun and educational time listening to stories and dancing to music at Storytime!

2. Nap time...even if it happens to be in your high chair and you are too exhausted to finish your snack.
3. Ava bouncing around...
 4. The luxury of side by side grocery carts, complimentary cookies and nice atmosphere at the local grocery store!
 5. Toys purposefully placed in a circle by Ava.
 6. The fact that my oldest can laugh at her self and just be plain silly.
 7.  Glitter...and LOTS of it!
 8. My one year old even appreciates the excitement of playing with glitter!!!
 10. Good food + great staff + happy 2 year old +happy mommy=Trader Joes! 
 11.  What better way to welcome Spring than with a picnic. 
 12.  Church and the little friends we have there!
 13.  Just kids in general...they are fun and bring such life to a party!
 14  I actually have a child who will indulge me when it comes to all her art projects I have planned out. 
14.  This old guy.
 15.  BUBBLES and a Birthday party!  Can't get much better than that!

 16.  You can't see his face here, but my dad trading seats with me so I can actually eat AND enjoy my Olive Garden lunch!
 17. Walks!

 18. Coloring!
19.  Nite time pictures sent to me from daddy when I am out.  
20. Slides are so much fun!
 21.  Going down slides and making a silly face!  Well one of us is anyway.  I didn't get the memo that we were making silly faces. 
22.  Safe car seats and a comfortable car to get around in!
 23.  Ava can sit at the table without a booster or high chair with her big cousins!
 24.  Thankful this one is growing up healthy and strong. 
 25.  Cleaning up messes when someone gets a little carried away with the markers. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 10

Saw this on a another blog (Biblical Homemaking) and thought it was a cute idea so I  am implementing it. 

Since it is March 10, I am going to list 10 random things that have happened recently:

1)  Ava got in trouble for not being nice to her cousin, Sydney.  I know she is two but I also know how mean she can be so we made her apologize.

2) Ava and Sally have more and more moments where they love each other.


3) Ava is finally learning to pull up her pants -inside out, but nonetheless, she is getting it!
4) Sally is drinking out of a sippy cup and drinking cold milk (with's the only way)
5) I am enjoying the warm weather and we are finally getting to spend more time out in it!!!!
6) We have been eating a lot of these lately!  Yummy Salads!!!!
7) I am currently working on this...Painting the garage door from white to black.
8) Today's Bible Journal looks like this...

9) I am working hard at getting our trip ready for this place!
10) This child is as goofy and silly as ever!


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sally Jean's Year in Review


 Well, here I am...having no idea what a cute little thing was growing inside of me.  I would have never imagined the amount of cuteness I was to behold on February 18th.  But, oh my goodness!

 Here you are, just a few minutes old.  Those cheeks!  I can't! Such a little smoochy face!  Sally, I had you through a C-section.  It was such an easy process since I had to go that route with your Big Sis.  I could not wait to lay my eyes on you.  And when I did, I was speechless and brought to tears.  You were absolutely perfect. Oh, and loud. 

 I had such a great bonding time with you in the hospital.  This stay was different than when I had your sister.  When Ava came, your daddy stayed with me the whole time.  He couldn't do that this time because we had little Miss Thing at home.  So, it was just you and me, babe, at night.  I loved it.  You were so cuddly and sweet.  I am truly thankful I got that time with you.  Honestly, it was very peaceful. 
 This was your first ride in the car seat on our way home from the hospital.  You were a champ and slept the whole way.  I don't think my eyes looked at anything else except you the whole 40 min. drive home. 
 Month 1...
 At one month, you were already attached to a pacifier and had such a sweetness to you.  At 9 lbs. 6.8 oz. you were caught up with your sister's birth weight and you were really resembling my brother.

Month 2...
Month 2...I call this picture my Buddha baby.  Look at that belly!  I love it!  The biggest thing from this month was you were sleeping in your crib.  You also began sleeping longer stretches through the night and you started really smiling! 
Month 3...

Month 3 you were weighing in at 11. 8 lbs. You were becoming quite a fickle sleeper.  I remember thinking that every time I thought I had you figured out, you would throw a curveball at me. 
Month 4...

At month 4 you were 12.8  lbs.  You started sitting up in the Bumbo and giggling.  Your sleep tendencies were becoming more predictable and doable. 

We dedicated you to God at Team Church in your 4th month. 
 You visited your namesake.  Your great grandmother who is 91 here. 

 You began enjoying tummy time!!!!!!

What a beauty!
Month 5...

Wow!  In your 5th month you got to go to 4th of July festivities,  begin eating solid foods, started sitting in your bouncy chairs, go to the pool and hang out with your cousins.  This month you became quite the wiggleworm.
Month 6...

 You enjoyed taking walks on the greenway.
 You loved to swing on the swings!!!

 You started sitting with a little less support using the Boppy.

You got to go to Ohio and visit family.  Here you are with Addy and Kaylee. 
Month 7...

 You tried sweet peas for the first time.  Let me just say that this is the only sweet looking face I got from feeding you those.  You were NOT a fan!
 We attempted giving you water in a sippy cup.  Not really getting the hang of it. 
 You started playing the piano like Mozart.
 You got to go to a Labor Day Parade!
 You started really enjoying toys and have a natural curiosity about them.
 Uncle Bert got to snuggle you.
 You were taken on many a walk!
Your sister passed on Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease to you....pitiful!
Month 8...
 You started the crawling phase by rocking on your hands and knees.
 You loved to play in your booster seat with it's tray toy.

 You got to be the cranky bumblebee for Halloween. 
 We all got a good laugh at you in this wig.

 You played in your cradle so mommy and daddy could get a few more minutes of sleep. 
You bounced so hard you dozed off.  

Month 9...

To be perfectly honest, your 9th and 10th month were a blur.  We were so busy celebrating and preparing for the holidays that the months just quickly passed me by.  I do remember you were having more of a difficult time sleeping through the night.  Somewhere in these 2 months you started crawling, standing up, and cruising. 
You would find the most boring thing fun to play with.  

 You would still fall asleep in our arms!!!
You continued to be a content and happy baby!
Month 10....
 You were still as cute as ever!

 You liked to play with the baby dolls.
You loved playing with Ava!
11 months...
You are sleeping through the night most nights.  But, on the nights that you don't, I have to be honest and say I do not mind getting up with you.  Cuddling with you is one of my favorite things to do.  It is such a blessing that I can enjoy those sleepless nights because I know I don't have to rush anywhere in the morning.  And I thank God that I can stay home with you girls.  It truly is a blessing!

 You learned to clap and say uh oh. 
 You enjoyed playing in your play kitchen with Ava.
You preferred to sit in a high chair when we ate out. 
Month 12...
In this month, you have become so active and you are figuring things out constantly.  Your natural curiosity for things is really cute.  You love to go on walks, spend time outside, swing, and play.  You love to listen to music and you bounce on your bottom when music is playing.  You try to climb stairs when mommy isn't looking.  You struggle with sharing toys and do not like it when a toy is taken away from you.  You enjoy getting into the cabinets and dog water bowl.  I have even caught you attempting to get into the trash.  You are a stinker.  I love it!  
You and your sister are great friend, already, but that doesn't mean that every minute of your relationship is all sunshine and roses.  You definitely can be the one in charge in that relationship and Ava is usually more than willing to let you have your way.  She also looks after you and keeps you out of things you are not supposed to be in.  She comforts you when you cry.  And she just generally loves you. 

And, well, Sally Jean, we all love you so much!  You are a sweet, cute, cuddly, at times moody little girl.  You make cleaning and getting things done around the house close to impossible because you just hang on my every move, but I wouldn't trade any of it.  Ever.

I can't believe your first year has come and gone so much faster than I anticipated, but I am so thankful that you are a healthy one year old, with spunk and curiosity abounding.  But, could time please slow down?!?!?

Love you Sally Jean!