Monday, August 17, 2015

Sally Jean is 18 months

Oh Sally Jean,

You are one of the most independent little girls I have ever come in contact with.  You can be so happy and content, but it one teeny, tiny thing does not go your way, you throw yourself on the ground, kicking and throwing a fit.  You, my dear, are quite exhausting.  You are always making me wonder what we are getting ourselves into.

This month has been busy for you.  You are running full speed ahead.  You are clumsy and always getting hurt.  You are not one for sharing toys and don't want Ava near any of the things you have in hand.  You pretty much don't want Ava touching you unless you have given her permission and she wants to play with you so bad!

You are very cautious to try new things or things you are uncertain about.  You aren't one to take too ,many chances, but you will try new things hesitantly.  You like to snack on veggie chips and crackers and will sometimes eat your dinner.  You eat about 2 breakfast bars each morning and, sometimes, you will finish Ava's breakfast.  You are not one to branch out for breakfast foods.  You are pretty content with the breakfast bars and expect that each morning.

You still love to play peek-a-boo and giggle loudly (and snort) at my reactions.  You love to sing Jesus Loves Me, God our Father, and If You are Happy and You Know It.  You love to dance to happy and watch movies in the car.  Harris Teeter is your favorite store because you get a cookie if you are well behaved (although that is dicey).  You also love to go to parks, church, and Mimi and PopPops house.

I do not think you are going to take to your new baby sister or brother well.  You pretty much cling to me during the day and I have noticed when I am holding another baby, you drape yourself over my knees to pick you up.  Between you and your sister, my lap can become a fighting place.  It should make for a very interesting transition.

We are trying to figure out when we want to transition you over to your sisters room.  I want to get it over as soon as possible, but I am completely dreading this change.  I just don't know how it is going to go.  Let's face it: Mommy is selfish when it comes to making sure I get some down time.  I've let you two not take naps a couple of times recently and Mommy isn't the same Mommy by 7:00 as she normally would be.

Even though you are a spitfire and completely tiring, I just love who God has made you to be.  He was very creative when He made you and, boy, does He have a sense of humor.  We love you so much.  May God place His fingerprints all over your heart.