Monday, September 28, 2015

Baby Evie 21 weeks pregnancy

How far along? 21 weeks and 3 days.

How far to go? forever...131 days to go

Due Date: February 6, 2016, but I will have to have a csection so I am thinking this baby will be born at the end of January.

Baby? size of a pomegranate. I had a doctor's appointment this morning.  I also got my blood work results from the AFP Tetra test.  They came back NEGATIVE!! PTL!  I have been feeling so on edge about Baby Evie since I found out about this cyst.  Dr. Stein told me that there was no increased risk of there being any downs, trisomy, or other chromosomal issues.  That the rest of the scan looked great which is more reason to not worry.  I feel so relieved!  And so thankful for yet another prayer answered!   

Maternity Clothes: I live in maternity leggings.  

Stretch Marks: Not anything new...yet.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  I feel much better these days.  My natural cravings for sweets has returned.  I do get the daily headaches and I have back pain and round ligament pain.  I also have to go to the bathroom more often.  

Sleeping:  I do not sleep good at all, although I don't think it can be blamed completely on the pregnancy.  For one, we need a new mattress and bed and I need my husband to not monopolize the bed.   

Best feeling this week:  Getting the good news about my bloodwork, being encouraged by all my prayer warrior friends, being reminded of the people that love me, hearing Evie's heartbeat, and feeling little kicks and pushes.  

Movement: Light kicks, pushes, and squirms.  

Cravings/Aversions: I like food.  Do not like the smell of beer. The smell of reheated chicken is disgusting.   

Belly Button: In

What I miss:  Getting some great sleep!
What am I looking forward to: Meeting this baby ( isn't this a given?) and getting her room ready!!!

Sally Jean 19 Months

Oh Sally,

You are such a wonderful thing.  You have become quite the clown, lately.  You will do so many things to get a good laugh out of people.  I hope you always bring joy and laughter to those you are around.

Although, you are still opinionated and can be quite hard to take places, especially out to eat, I am noticing that you are learning more ways to deal with not getting your way that aren't always throwing yourself on the ground, dragging your head along the ground, screaming a blood curdling scream.  I mean, you still do these things often, but not always.  :)

You have found a new way to express your creativeness.  Mommy  can't even go into the laundry room and fold laundry without you getting into something!

You like to do things on your own, Little Miss Independent!  Your Mimi thinks you are SO good with the fork and spoon.  I think she is a little biased. Look at you!  I mean, did anything get into your mouth?

You LOVE chocolate icecream ( or any flavor of ice cream, for that matter) at Sweet Frog's.  

You prefer to swing on the big girl swing!

And, there are these rare moments when I will catch you sitting in your little rocker reading books by yourself.  

You are like a billy goat and climb onto everything!  You get yourself into many predicaments because sometimes you underestimate the climbing ability that is needed.  You are a picky eater and prefer carbs.  You enjoy your nap time and bed time.  You have enjoyed sharing your room with Ava.  You two are so cute in the morning because I let you stay up there a little longer because you are both enjoying each other's company.  Ava will bring you books and get your pacifier for you if it falls out, and she told me that she likes to jump around and make you laugh while you are in your crib in the morning.

You, my spirited, determined, strong-willed little girl are very much loved.  By many people.  You have such a strong, but funny and lovable, personality.  God has made such a creation in you.  Now, go live it out for His glory!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

What's up with Ava (Aug./Sept. 2015)

Ava is starting to turn into a 3 year old.  She has found her autonomy and can be Miss Attitude.  Her mouth can sometimes get her into trouble and I just wonder sometimes, where am I going wrong?

I know it is normal.  I know she is 3.  I know this is a part of life, but I had no idea how so much of this is out of my control.  And, for a control freak like me, that is not good.

She has had more outbursts than she has ever had and she almost lives to irritate Sally.

But then, there are these other sweet moments.  Like, a few weekends ago, I was extremely emotional.  I was sitting on the couch crying and throwing myself a pity party and Ava saw my tears and asked me over and over again what was wrong and if I was ok and she brought me a blanket and cuddled up with me.

Or the time she stayed with her Mimi for the afternoon and cleaned up her mess during her quiet time so Mimi didn't have to.

She is super gentle, caring and compassionate.  I know there is SO MUCH HOPE for her.  But, honestly, I feel like I screw it up for her a lot.  I don't know when I am being too hard on her and when I am not hard enough.

Lately, I just pray for her and me.  I pray that she chooses obedience over rebellion.  I pray that she is a vessel of love.   I pray that her heart is tender to the needs of others.  I pray that her attitude is kept in control.

She has completed 2 days of preschool with her teachers Mrs. Maleah and Mrs. Kayla.  She loves school and has a ton of fun.  I miss her those 3 hours, two days a week, but it makes my heart smile when I pick her up and she is so happy!

She loves to paint, play with stickers and watch The Magic School Bus episodes on Netflix.  Her favorite episode is the spider one.  Go figure!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Baby #3 It's a Girl (17 weeks)

How far along? 17 weeks and  4 days.

How far to go? forever...157 days to go

Due Date: February 6, 2016, but I will have to have a csection so I am thinking this baby will be born at the end of January.

Baby? size of a turnip.  We had the anatomy scan this week.  As always the ultrasound was amazing.  Afterwards, we did get a bit of news that was a little scary for me.  The doctor told me that the baby has a chromoid plexus cyst in her brain fluid, which is sometimes an indicator of Downs Syndrome.  She said she would not worry and thinks everything is fine.  She said everything else in the ultrasound looked perfect and that usually, if there was more of a risk, they would see more wrong or concerning in the u/s.  Because I am 33, the risk is a bit higher and they (the doctors practice) is obligated to tell us.  Curtis did some research and said he does not think we need to worry.  I hate the fact that I am even worried about it.  I know families who have children with Down's and they are stronger for it, but I do question MY ability to be a mother to a child with special needs.  Whatever she comes out like, I pray that I am capable and that she feels loved by me.  But, of course, I am praying also that she is perfectly normal.  As selfish as that sounds, that is where I am with this.  I am sure she will be ok...

Maternity Clothes: I live in maternity leggings.  

Stretch Marks: Not anything new...yet.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  I feel either hungry or nauseous all the time.  It's weird, but I have a hard time telling the difference between the two.  Lots and lots of headaches, especially in the lower right hand side of my head.  

Sleeping:  I sleep ok.  Sometimes I sleep through the night, sometimes I don't.  

Best feeling this week:  Seeing the baby on ultrasound.  

Movement: Not yet, but anxiously awaiting.  

Cravings/Aversions: I like food.  Do not like the smell of beer.  

Belly Button: In

What I miss:  Having more energy and feeling closer to 100%.
What am I looking forward to: Meeting this baby.