Saturday, June 13, 2015

Baby 3 weeks

How far along? 6 weeks and  0 days.

How far to go? forever...238 days to go

Due Date: February 6, 2016, but I will have to have a csection so I am thinking this baby will be born at the end of January.

Baby? Developing eyes, nose, ears start this week.  Baby is about the size of a pea.

Maternity Clothes: Well I am already overweight since gaining a lot of weight after Sally was born.  I wear a lot of Yoga pants, tank tops, and tshirts.  I pretty much feel like I look so unkempt most of the time.  

Stretch Marks: Not anything new...yet.

Pregnancy Symptoms i DO NOT FEEL GOOD.  Ever.  Nothing sits well with my stomach, nothing sounds all that wonderful to eat.  I can't believe I forgot this miserable feeling.  I am also unexplainably exhausted.  Like Unreal exhausted!

Sleeping:  I still sleep well, and I can still sleep on my stomach so that helps.  I also sleep a lot.  Usually when the girls go down for their naps, I sleep the entire 3 hours.     

Best feeling this week:  Knowing that each day is closer and closer to reaching the 3rd trimester, where, hopefully, I can get rid of the constant sick feeling.  

Movement: Baby is the size of a pea, so really?

Cravings/Aversions: ice cream, cheerios, popsicles.  

Belly Button: In

What I miss:  Having more energy and feeling good.
What am I looking forward to: Hearing the baby's heartbeat!