Wednesday, February 11, 2015

January 2014

Ava is such a pill.  She is becoming so creative in the way she conveys things to me. 

For instance,
I told her to go to timeout and she said she couldn't go to timeout because she was sleeping and then she proceeded to pretend to sleep.  She's 2, people! 

She has done this a couple other times when she was told to do something she didn't want to do. 

The other day, Sally was fussing because she was hungry and I was getting her lunch ready and Ava says, "You're going to eat too, sugar."

Ava loves to say " I don't want to." 

She didn't like me pretending to drink her milk and told me "No drink. Put on table!!!" with a strong attitude. 

She is a mess.  I have my hands full with these two!!!  Goodness!

Ava has now also become a backseat driver. She gets quite upset when you don't go "dis way."

Ava was helping feed Sally her bottle and she said, "I wov my shister."

Ava loves to sing  Jesus Mommy (Jesus loves me) and Bingle Bells (Jingle Bells) IEIE (The BIBLE) and Stronger (My God is so Big) before she goes to bed. 

She is quite polite.  She caught on quickly to please and thank you and often uses them appropriately without prompting. 

Sally got her feelings hurt when Curtis took something she shouldn't have away from her.  So she started crying and was so pitiful.  Curtis put his arms out to her to hold her and she turned her back on him and laid her head down on the ground and continued to cry.  Drama!!