Monday, April 18, 2016


Ava and Sally. Sisters. Best friends. Enemies. And everything in between.  I just love watching these 2 develop their relationship.  Sometimes, it is me praising and encouraging the love they are showing one another.  Sometimes, it is breaking up fights between them-from pulling hair, kicking each other, pinching, etc.  Other times it is watching and appreciating all their differences and sometimes it is enjoying the fact that they have things in common.  

They are so close.  They don't know what to do with out the other.  Sally is always asking where Ava is when she is in school and Ava is always asking Sally to join her in playing in the playroom.   They are often found twirling around the family room dancing together, cuddling on the couch, or sitting in their tent reading to one another or feeding their babies.  

When they are giggling together, my heart melts.  When they are fighting, my eyes roll.  Sally loves to do everything her big sister does and Ava roots for Sally all the time.  

I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that some days aren't quite as endearing between the two of them.  They fight, as all sisters and siblings do.  Recently, Sally broke Ava's watch by snatching it off her wrist.  I told Ava that she was going to have to muster up the strength to forgive Sally and Ava said, "I am just not ready to do that."  Later on, Sally shared something with Ava and Ava said she was ready to forgive her.  There are often scuffles over toys or one not doing what the other wants.  There are often talks with Ava about not instigating things with Sally and there are many talks with Sally about hair pulling and pinching.  

But, as I watch them, I know that their relationship, their friendship, and their fights will be a blessing to them, as it is to me.  I am so blessed to have these girls.  To have them so close together and to be able to see with my own eyes how much they really do care and love for each other.  

I know that not all their interactions are pleasant.  I know there will be times that they just won't like each other.  But I pray that God will always keep their relationship strong, to be able to endure those battles.  I pray that He will enable them to forgive one another,  and give them encouragement towards each other.  I pray that they will realize each others gifts and encourage them in those and be accepting of their differences.  I pray that they will also allow Evie into their "circle".  

They are such treasures...even when they are pulling each others hair out!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Evelyn is 2 Months

I really cannot believe I am already writing your 2 month blog update.  Where has the time gone?  It moves so fast.  The saying, "The days are long, but the years are short" is so very true.  I am trying to savor this time with you being so itty bitty.  I am already missing that little newborn baby I had what seems like just yesterday.  You are already cooing, smiling, trying to imitate the movement of our mouths when we talk to you, noticing objects, preferring some people over others, and trying to grasp objects.

It seems like it took my other two forever to do these things.  In retrospect, I probably said those things happened with them too quickly, also.  It is all such a blur, but a good blur. 😋

You have absolutely melted our hearts.  Every one in this family absolutely adores you.  And we are all very protective of you.  Get use to this, little lady.  I am the baby in my family and that protectiveness does not go away.

You are eating about every 3 hours and drink about 4 oz of formula each time.  You have been adjusting well to your formula and do not seem to be as gassy and uncomfortable as you were a couple weeks back.  During the night, you usually wake up around 2 or 3 am and then again around 6:30 am or 7 am.  Not too bad.  Most of the time you will go right back to sleep after your feedings.  You do like your pacy, but are not totally dependent on it like your sister, Sally. At night you sleep downstairs in your pack and play and I sleep on the couch during the week and on the weekends your daddy and I switch and I get a night or 2 of uninterrupted sleep. During the day you will sleep in your pack and play, boppy seat, swing, Moby, or your crib.  You still love to be cuddled and do your best sleeping when someone is holding you.  You also still enjoy being carried around in the Moby which I do in the day many times because it helps me get things done around the house and to be able to deal with your big sisters.

You are wearing mostly 3 month clothing.  0-3 is getting too small because you are so long.  You are still in size 1 diapers.  You do not like sitting in a wet diaper whatsoever (not that I can blame you).

I LOVE your smile and I see Ava in you the most when you smile.  You smile at your mommy all the time and Ava has gotten a few smiles out of you.  I think you are very comfortable with her and she just loves you and, to be honest, she is very good, gentle, loving, and comforting towards you.  Sally has just begun to really become responsive to you.  She loves to talk to you and enjoys holding you.  I have to watch her a lot more closely when she holds you.  She also likes to burp you, kiss you on the head, and hug you.  You will never be able to deny the fact that you are very much loved.

Evelyn Olivia, you light up my eyes and my life.  You truly do.  You are such a precious child and such a precious gift and I am so undeserving to have you.  But I thank God that not only are you healthy and beautiful, but that He has made me your mother.  You have a very gentle and sweet spirit about you.  You are extremely laid back-almost as if you already knew you were just going to have to go with the flow being the third.  You have been so pleasant that I have been wondering about having a fourth (but rest assured, unless God has other plans, I think we are done).

We love you so!