Monday, October 6, 2014

Ava 22 Months

This girl!  Full of personality.  An attitude of independence.  Extremely goofy.  Likes to have the last word. Runs like such a girl. Unexplainably flexible.  Determined to her core.  Strongest of wills. Hardest of heads. Tough as nails.  That is Ava in a nutshell. 

While her unexplainable flexibility and her strong will and hard head may seem contradictory, they aren't.  I am amazed at the flexibility for us to take her days and turn them upside down and how she continues to run forth.  Her strong will and hard head can be best displayed in her determination to do things her way and have her mind made up about how certain things should go. 

Her little preferences over things is so funny.  She chooses her books with an uh huh or nuh uh.  She gets her ovaltine and says, "tine" when she wants her milk.  She chooses her lunch and breakfast from the options given.  She still shows no preferences when it comes to what she is going to wear, but she picks out clothes when we are shopping that she thinks are "coote". 

She is always on the move, unless she is engrossed in a book or food.  She is a lover of all things sweet and hater of all things vegetable, unless you count corn. 

Ava is full of adventure.  She loves to go, go, go.  In fact, she hardly EVER stops.  EVER!  While I love her exuberance, she sure is exhausting.

The past couple of weeks I have noticed a shift in her behavior.  We are starting to exemplify the saying, "the terrible twos."  Scary as it is, everyone keeps warning me that the threes are even worse.  How can that be?

She is becoming more of a pusher and a shover, stealer of toys, a yeller of "mine" I mean, "MINE!!!!!" (and no) She thoroughly enjoys pushing Sally over to get her out of the way or to get a toy that she thinks she should have instead.  Timeout has become one of her popular hangouts. 

As much as this new attitude can be annoying, I can't help but look at that face and fall in love over and over again.  Hopefully, we can channel all this exuberance and attitude into something good.  There is most certainly potential there. 

Some of the fun things she has done this month are:
  • get a hair cut

  • visit Wise Acres Farms Pumpkin Patch

  • visit Hall Family Farm

  • Hayrides

  • Dress up as a fireman and play on a firetruck

Oh Ava, how I hope and pray God gives me lots of wisdom when it comes to raising you.  You are a piece of work, but I love every little piece of you.  You will be something extraordinary for this world.