Saturday, May 31, 2014

Who Knew there was So Much to do at the Zoo!!!!

May 29, 2014

What a fantastic day!  I have to admit, I didn't think it was going to be a great day.  We did not get off to a great start.  We were running behind, I did not  have anything packed and ready to go, the car needed gas and the tires needed air.  Curtis was grumpy because he was worried there wouldn't be enough time to see everything and I was irritated because I did not want to deal with Mr. Grumpy. 

Thankfully, we let it all go and decided that running late, not having it all together and things popping up on us is just a fact of life. 

We got to the zoo and it was HOT!  But the sun was shining and I was thankful!  Ava took to the zoo immediately.  She L.O.V.E.D it!  She was pointing at everything, saying "whats that?" constantly and just in awe of everything. 


We saw pretty much everything and got to do a few extra things, as well.  We were able to ride the choo choo train, feed the giraffes, feed the goats, feed the birds, and ride the carousel.  Her favorite parts of the zoo was feeding the giraffes. She. Is. Fearless.  She also loved the aquarium--everything about it. 


We were amazed at how she giggled at the giraffes LONG tongue as it would wrap it around her hand to get the food.  She didn't care...she just giggled and kept wanting to feed it.

 She was a little nervous around the birds, especially when they landed on my arm, but she didn't freak out or want to leave. 


The aquarium was her other favorite exhibit.  We were shocked that she was so enthralled with, but she was.  She just couldn't get enough. 


The gorilla was interesting to her.  She wasn't quite sure what to think of it.  She wouldn't go right up to the glass with it sitting right there, but she did keep her eye on it.  It was almost as if she didn't trust it. 


We were exhausted, but had a wonderful day together.  Ava may not remember the experience and I know Sally doesn't have a clue, but Curtis and I will always remember the look on Ava's face as she experienced each part of the zoo.  :)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sally Jean 3 months old

Dear Sally,
You are 3 months old already!  There are some days when it seems like time is flying and there are some days that it seems like you have always been here.  You are a beautiful, little girl. 

 You are still a little fickle with your nighttime feedings.  Some nights you sleep eight hours and other nights you sleep five hour stretches.  Just when I think I have you figured out, you surprise me.  For the most part, your nighttime feedings are pretty easy.  We keep eye contact to a minimum and keep it dark in the room.  Typically, you will go back to sleep.  If you wake up around 5 to eat, you seem to want to chit chat afterwards and the only way to get you to go back to sleep is to put you in bed with us. 

You are still only eating about 4 ounces per bottle.  You spit up a lot during your feedings and for about an hour to an hour and a half afterwards.  We are concerned there may be a reflux issue you are having.  Instead of being content after your bottles, you can be extremely fussy.  The only time we have noticed you are not as fussy is your nighttime feedings.  I must say I am thankful for that. 

You still prefer to be swaddled at night, unless you are sleeping on your belly.  We very rarely let you sleep on your belly at night, because we are not as aware of how you are doing since we are also sleeping.  I remember thinking with your big sister that we were going to be swaddling her until she was ready to leave the nest.  I have to admit that the thought crosses my mind with you, too.  It’s a totally bizarre and absurd thought, I know, but it runs through my mind.  I am glad to report though, that your sister stopped being swaddled by six months, at least, so there is hope for you, too.  When you will actually fall asleep without your swaddle during naps, sometime I catch you sucking that thumb.
You still don’t prefer tummy time unless I am allowing you to go to sleep.  I have tried to make it more interesting by putting colorful things in front of you.  I have tried laying you on the mirror on your playmat so see if that would entice you.  Nothing seems to do the trick right now.  You can hold your head up slightly, but you are not holding it up too long or pushing up on your forearms.  I know that I shouldn’t be doing this, but Ava went through these things not so long ago, and I have a hard time trying not to compare you to her. 

You are a very expressive little girl.  You love to smile, especially when you have been sleeping and you just wake up and someone comes to greet you.  You love seeing our faces in the morning and when you wake up from naps. You are also starting to light up when your sister is around.  It is pretty adorable.  You are cooing a lot and I think you are trying to laugh, but you just can’t figure out quite how to do that, yet.  You discovered your voice BIG TIME this month.  It is pretty loud, but cute, all the same. 
Right now, I have you pegged as the little princess between you and your sister.  I just think you are going to be a little daintier than Ava will be.  Who knows, though, really?  You could totally shock me.  It’s not like it hasn’t happened before. 
Ava LOVES you.  I mean, really!  She is so cute with you.  She wants to hug and kiss on you.  She likes to pat your back and belly.  She tries to feed you bottles.  Trust me, I never let her do this to you when the bottle is full, because you would end up having the formula either in your eyes or nostrils.  She gets a hold of the bottle when we are done feeding you and the bottle is empty.  It hardly ever actually makes it into your mouth, but it does get to the other “holes” on your face.  You don’t seem to mind.  She also tries to give you the pacifier and wipe your face with the burp cloth.  I love watching this because it is such a vision of what your relationship may look like.  Everyone tells me not to get use to it.  I know you will have your arguments with Ava, but you can get along and not be at each other’s throats.  I think it can be done and we are going to push for that kind of relationship in you two. 

Sally, you light up our lives.  You have challenged me as a mommy already.  But in a good way.  You are very special and have a very angelic way about you.  I know that you will light up others lives just like you do ours.  May you always allow God to write His name all over your heart.

I love you,