Thursday, August 31, 2017

Evelyn Olivia 19 months

Oh Evelyn!  I love you so much!  You are so much fun!  Busy as a bee, but sweet as can be.  I am smitten with you.  Truly.  This month you are really showing me that you are more of a toddler than a baby.  😥 In fact, today when we were getting your shoes on, you wanted to stand and hold on to my shoulder and lift your foot for me to put your shoe on.  There are other things that you are doing that show you are a toddler now.  You are getting dressed standing up now more than sitting down.  You are talking a lot.  You are listening to one and some two step directions.  You are pretty much down to one nap per day.  You know the basic fundamentals of our day.  You act as if you know your place in our family and you know you are loved.  💜💜  It is really quite special to see how you have formed your own little place in our family.  I, for one, am thankful you are a part of it!

You are talking and some words I definitely can make out are: no, all done, i "unt" (want) out, let go, shoes, cancake for pancake, iceceem, Sally Jean, mommy, daddy, bye bye, uh oh, Cinston for Winston, nighnite, diaper, play, and I am pretty sure you said "mommy, watch" while jumping on the trampoline.

You love your horsey, bath times, fruit, and all and anything sweet, car rides, music, Beauty and the Beast movie (the new one),  playing at church, playing outside, playing at friends, playing 😂😬, climbing, stealing other peoples food, climbing the stairs,  stealing your sisters drinks, reading books.  Some of your favorite books are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear Brown Bear.

You do not like being confined, getting your nose sucked out (and believe me, it isn't the highlight of my day either! 🤢 You don't like it when you are snuggling and one of your sisters comes to join us.  You don't like peanut butter and jelly, chicken, veggies.  You actually aren't liking a lot of food right now unless it is mac and cheese, fruit or some sort of carb.

You wake up every morning by 7:30, but I usually leave you in there until 8:00.  You never fuss about that.  You just play and talk to yourself in your bed.  You eat breakfast.  You like to have fruit, breakfast bar and french toast the best in the morning.  You play and play and play and get into things, then stuff, and then more things.  You usually have the playroom torn up by 9:00 and then you do some more tearing into things.  By noon, you have lunch with some goldfish thrown in there in between breakfast and lunch.  You like to do whatever your sisters do after lunch and then you go down for a nap for about 2 hours.  After nap, we all better hope you have woken up on your own.  Otherwise we are prepared for a groucho.  If you wake up on your own, you are pretty pleasant and will eat.  I usually have to make sure dinner is on your tray before you come down.  You do not like to wait for your food.  😡😡  If we wake you from your nap you are a beast.  I am prepared to either not eat dinner because you just want to be held or be able to eat with you on my lap nestled up against me.  Honestly, I don't mind the grouchiness, because it means snuggle time for mommy.  😍
Shortly after dinner and some play time, you go to bed around 8-8:30.

You are wearing 18- 24 month clothing, mostly.  You drink about 18 ounces of whole milk per day (mostly).  You are weighing around 21 lbs.  You seem to prefer using your left hand...we will see if that changes. Your eyes are a deeper blue.  Your nails grow at a ferocious speed.  You wear size 3 and 4 shoes.  You are happiest when you are exploring and grumpiest when you are tired and/or hungry.

We all really just love you.  You are quite the blessing...more than I could have ever imagined.  I am one lucky mommy to have such preciousness surrounding me day after day.  You are going to be a force for God.  I pray your joyful spirit will abound and overflow onto others.


Glimpse Into Our Life (August 2017)

We started the month with our 14th wedding anniversary.  My parents watched the kids for us and we went uptown and ate dinner at a taco place and dessert at The Melting Pot and then we stayed the night at this beautiful B&B called the Duke Mansion.  It was a wonderful night away.  We actually had conversation at dinner that was quiet and informative.  I love our typical dinners of screaming to each other over the constant singing, giggling, arguing, you-name-it, but it was nice to be able to enjoy each others company without all that.  😁

We went to the zoo with a couple friends and got to see lots of animals, play in the splash pad, and just have fun being with one another.  They were as good as gold and I was very excited about how easy they were and it made me not so scared to go there by myself with all three of them.  

This is just one of the many things Evelyn has gotten into and either spilled or broken.  She is a stinker.  And that look!  Like, "what?  Is there a problem here?"

Evie loves to take the paper towels out and stack them.  I will be honest, there were days early in my motherhood years this would have driven me crazy because OCD over here.  However, with baby number 3 I have finally learned how to let some things go.  There are still many moments where I get a little tight inside over some things that are still hard to let go of, but I am getting better.  Its a process.

Sally drew her first person!  Ha!  It is so funny how their drawings will develop.

The girls love to play with their magnatiles.  They can get pretty creative with them.  They love to make castles for all their princesses.
Of course, Ava was very proud of her toilet she made.  😂

Evie enjoys pushing Ava on the little tricycle.  They love anytime outside.  

Ava has been working hard on her handwriting and drawing.  She has been using art hub for kids to learn how to draw.  She also drew a picture of me and I have teeth ( a new addition to her people). 

Ava got to help at church putting bags together for school teachers and then a few days later we all went and helped deliver them to the kids.  

We have had fun this month just being home and doing simple things like reading books, playing with play-doh, dot markers, magna tiles,  and legos.  Sometimes it is the simple things that are the most fun.  

We went to the Sno Ball Cabin last weekend and enjoyed a snow cone.  Ava and Sally both wanted Pink Lemonade, I got Margarita, and Curtis got peach.  We all just shared with Evelyn.  

It has been a simple, but full month here at our home.  So thankful I get to be home with my girls and just enjoy them.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Evelyn 18 months

You are 18 months!  WHAT?!?!?!  I have so enjoyed you.  You are a very funny baby.  Full of joy, spunk, curiosity, playfulness, and silliness.  I love having you here with us.  You always make me smile.  You are just so silly and playful.  You love to make us all laugh and you are very good at it.  We all get giggling at you.  For instance, these pictures.  

You will just do anything for a laugh. Also, the other day, you walked around with your horsey stuffed in the back of your shirt for about an hour.  

You are such a goofball!

I wish I had pictures of you when I tell you it is time to change your diaper.  You run to where the diapers are and lay yourself down.  It is so cute and it is surprising how obedient you are to that request.  You must not like sitting in a soaking wet pee diaper or running around with poo clinging to your patootie.    

You also usually comply when I say it is time for nite nite.  You will make your way to the gate at the stairs.  It is refreshing, to say the least.  

You enjoy playing with your sisters.  You do well with them (most of the time).  Sometimes you like to knock over their lego towers and magnatile castles they make.  They do not think that is funny.  In fact, you did that the other day and I over heard Sally tell you she wasn't your best friend anymore.  😂😂

I love it when I catch you sleeping.  You are so sweet and peaceful.  
I also really love your sleepy face like in this next picture.  
You like to get a hold of our phones now and you like to play games.  We kept an old phone just for you kiddos to play some games on.  You thought you were big stuff the first time we let you do this.  

You have also gotten in the habit of saying "cheese"when I have my camera out and I am taking your picture.  It is pretty cute and you are quite the ham.  

You like to make silly faces.  This is one of my favorites and it made it even better that your face was smeared with Mac & Cheese.  

You really are so sweet and so much fun and bring so much joy.  Even though you are extremely busy (By far my most busiest and disastrous child) you are a lot of fun.  I feel like I have gotten to enjoy your toddlerhood a little bit more than I got to enjoy either of your sisters.  I am so thankful for every little bit of you and your precious personality.

Can't wait to see all the smiles you bring to other's lives and I pray you will be a shining, radiant life lived for God's glory!!! 


18 Month Stats:
~21 pounds (my little petite peanut)
~You like to eat.  You love fruit (especially grapes and bananas), mac and cheese, breads, breakfast bars,  veggie chips, pretzels, goldfish, cheese, noodles, rice, tomato, broccoli, green beans.
~You are not big on meat or peanut butter
~You wear size 4 or 5 diapers
~You are wearing mostly 18-24 month clothing, but you also fit in some 12 month stuff
~You love your horsey fuzzy
~You still sit rear facing in your carseat
~You take 1 (sometimes 2) naps a day
~You go to bed at 8:15 (ish) and sleep until about 8 am
~You are starting to enjoy being read to