Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Evie is 15 months

Evie is such a fun kid!  She is mostly happy.  She finds joy in the small things.  She loves to giggle, laugh and play.  I love her exuberant personality.  She is just super easy to be around.  She loves life and it shows.  

Below, this is a rare moment for her.  She doesn't often get so bent out of shape, here she was distraught over not being able to fit on my lap since there were two other sweet girls sitting there.  

Here she was wanting to be held and she did  get upset when I couldn't hold her in that moment.  Like I said earlier, she doesn't get mad over much, but when she does, it usually involves not being held.  And, I will add, when she does get mad-WATCH OUT!  She has a temper and she will aim anything in her hand at you.

This girls loves to eat.  She eats pretty much anything you give her.  Of course,  her favorites are anything involving carbs.  Overall, she eats pretty much anything.  She still drinks milk 3 times per day, but there are times when she says, "noooo" because she does NOT want that.

She loves her horsey lovey.  She has since she was teeny tiny.  One day I found her in the playroom pushing her horsey in the stroller.  It was pretty cute.

I also watched her stack these rings.  Obviously, they are not stacked correctly, but I was impressed that she was able to do this and get them to stay put.
One night I walked in to check on her before I went to bed and this is what I saw.
I love sleeping babies and how peaceful and serene they look.  I probably stood there staring at her for like 5 minutes.

And how cute is that face!!!
Goldfish is one of her favorite snacks.  

Every time I put her down for bed, we play peek-a-boo with her blanket and she loves it.  Even being put to bed and she is as happy as can be.                                                  

This little girl has been a blessing.  She is absolutely adored by everyone in this house.  Her big sisters think she is the cutest thing and are so loving towards her.

Other info for this month:
-she wears mostly 18-24 month clothing
-she is a chatty kathy.  She says more, bye bye, mommy, daddy, nin-nin (Winston), good, coo coo      (thank you), yuh you (love you)
- she takes mostly one nap per day
-she goes to bed around 8:30 and sleeps until about 7:30
-her favorite thing is her horsey
-she loves to play with her big sisters.

We love you with all our hearts, sweet Evie.  I know you are going to bring great joy to others.  The joy of the Lord will be your strength.  Never lose that radiant countenance.

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